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Babolat Padel Bags

Babolat: a French brand with a rich history

Babolat is a brand with a long history. It was founded in Lyon, France in 1875. It is the oldest surviving company specialized in racket sports. The brand also invented strings for tennis rackets. Today, many top players play with rackets from the French brand.

With the recognizable logo with two horizontal stripes, it is a real icon in the sports world. The logo is well reflected on the rackets. But not only the logo has turned out to be a hit. Thanks to continuous quality care and an innovation in the range, the brand remains a reference among athletes after all these years. It is therefore impossible to count the tennis players who won a championship or a tournament with a racket from the French brand. Carlos Moya was the first player to win a grand slam final in 1998.

Known worldwide for racket sports enthusiasts

Babolat is represented worldwide in more than 100 countries and more than 20000 stores. In addition to tennis and badminton rackets, the range has been expanded in recent years with padel rackets. The wide range of padel rackets proves that Babolat sees padel as a fully-fledged sport. Padel rackets also lend themselves to both powerful and refined play. The badminton rackets are good for hours of fun for young and old. The rackets are light and allow a smooth wrist movement.

Power and precision

The tennis rackets are known for their excellent mix between power and precision during hitting. Top spin and back spin, it all works. In 2012, the brand introduced the Play & Connect series. This line was presented at Roland Garros that year with Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Na Li and Kim Clijsters. Even now you can find these rackets in the store. And what's more, the brand always provides variety in the range, with professional rackets next to recreational ones.

Padel rackets occupy a full place with the French brand

Babolat has become a strong brand in the racket sports segment in its history. In addition to rackets, there is a full range of tennis balls, but also sports shoes, bags and accessories.

The partner for your passion

In short, if you are a recreational player or a professional, with the French brand you will always find an excellent partner for your passion and sporting ambitions!