Bullpadel Padel Bags

Bullpadel: Spanish design and one of the leading brands on the professional tour these days.

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Bullpadel Padel Bags

National and international top teams

It is often mentioned in the same breath as well-known top padel players who have sponsored the brand for years, such as the Argentinians Maxi Sánchez (current No. 1 on the WPT list), Gabi Reca, Cata Tenorio, and the Spanish Icíar Montes, Victoria Iglesias, Raúl Díaz, Antonio Luque and Paula Hermida. As of 2019, Alejandra Salazar is also a figurehead of this brand. There are some nice innovations on the top ribbon rackets. With the Vertex2 2019 and Vertex 2 control 2019, the special Hesacore grip is already installed. (Maxi Sanchez is also a fan of this, which is why it is already standard on his favorite rackets)

The padel brand also sponsors local teams in other countries such as Sweden. As a representative of this growing sport, the label also promotes and trains young paddle talent.

Innovation and technology first

Bullpadel is also known for its extensive collection of top quality padel shoes. With a focus on good grip, balance and strength, the brand always offers excellent sports shoes that you can use for any type of game. There are special shoes for occassional use, padel shoes for regular padel athletes, and the brand has separate high-end series for professional padel players who put a heavy load on their shoes.

The Spanish brand mainly produces shoes that offer a lot of comfort, have a high shock absorption level, are completely adapted to the ergonomics of the player and in which the latest technologies and materials are incorporated. For example, the latest Banner line takes every professional player to a maximum level. These shoes are equipped with 'non-stitching' and fine 'mesh' technology, so that they fit seamlessly around the foot like a sock. In this way, they surprise every season with increasingly sophisticated shoe series.