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Tretorn Padel Balls
Black Crown Black Crown Padel Balls (24 * 3 pieces)
Black Crown
Black Crown Padel Balls (24 * 3 pieces)
€156,00 €109,95
Black Crown Black Crown Padel Balls
Black Crown
Black Crown Padel Balls
€8,00 €5,50
Tubo +
Padel Balls

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Padel balls and padel accessories are for sale at Our offer varies between Head, Black Crown, Wilson, Bullpadel, Tretorn and Adidas. Also the product Tubo + can be found here. The easy way to play 3 times longer with your padel balls with a good pressure.

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Padel you play with a padel ball. A padel ball is lighter, slightly smaller and has less pressure than a tennis ball. That's why a tennis ball is not good for your padel racket. Which padel ball you choose depends on your own choice. The HEAD WPT ball plays a bit faster compared to the Dunlop ball. Both are approved by all international padel federations.

With the Tubo + you can easily store your balls under pressure. In a few seconds you have the inner chamber under pressure, so the balls do not lose pressure. In our store in La Playa we have built a pressure gauge on the Tubo +, so you can easily see that the pressure is increasing. You can also use them to keep your tennis balls under pressure.

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Padel you prefer to play with new padel balls. We know that at PadelShop. That's why you can also come to us. Order balls per box of 24 tubes, so you always have the best quality balls for a tournament for example. Buying padel balls & padel accessories through our webshop is not only advantageous, we also offer you the best service. Do you have an article in mind then you can quickly buy it through our webshop. Because ordering before 16:00 hours means that we ship it the same day.