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Cork padel rackets are high quality handmade products. You will really feel the difference… and really make a difference on the track! Our rackets are unique and exclusive. No two CORK PADEL rackets are alike. Each copy is handmade and handled with care. Passionate craftsmanship creates the technical quality with which you really experience the difference on the course.

Thanks to the smart distribution of the ultra-durable premium materials, the rackets are agile and comfortable. The rackets are patented with an exclusive anti-vibration technology that allows them to play at the highest level while preventing tension and injuries.

Nicolau Silva, the founder of CORK PADEL started with a passion for the restoration of padel rackets. He discovered that he wanted to make his own unique and durable racket. This developed into an adventurous 10-year project with Cork Padel as a result. Pedro Plantier, founder of the Portuguese Padel Federation and Portugal's first padel champion, joined Cork Padel. Together they started a promising journey towards success with their special rackets.

Today, CORK PADEL is known for its unique design and composition of materials. The quality, unique playing properties and durability make the rackets unique in its kind. The number of enthusiasts keeps growing. Not only in Portugal but also in the rest of the world.