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We’re driven by an all-consuming passion for the game – playing it, improving it, sharing it. And the game belongs to everyone. No matter where, how well, or how often you play. So we give every player access to the same, beautifully designed, technically sophisticated sports products. Empowering you to wring every drop of joy from your game and to make every match you play the very best it can be.

We do this by understanding there is no end goal. Just an unending series of incremental improvements that make our products lighter, stronger, faster. That help you take control of a crucial match. To find that little extra something to chase down the next victory. Then the next. For more than 130 years, this love of the game is what’s driven Dunlop. 

Dunlop and Padel

Since its early days, Dunlop has maintained its commitment to padel. It continues to invest in Research & Development to introduce new materials, concepts and technologies to improve the performance of the rackets, going further than any other brand in order to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding padel players. Dunlop cooperates with renowned WPT players as Juni Mieres, Patty Llaguno and Ramiro Moyano.