Gorilla Gorilla grip
Gorilla grip
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Top brand from the Netherlands

3 main arguments:

1. Dutch Manufacture

GorillaGrip is a real Dutch manufacture. Made in-house and according to the highest quality requirements. The production meets the 'offshore standard'. That is to say, production is carried out in the same way as for the offshore. A guarantee for robust, high-quality installations with a long service life. GorillaGrip stands for honest and reliable. Typical Dutch.

2. Customization and Flexibility

We are specialists in customization. Why then do we supply standard models? Because these are interesting from a price point of view and already meet the requirements of our customers in terms of composition. But do you want an installation that is bigger, more extensive or simpler. Whether it should be confirmed in a special way? Then we build it especially for your situation. That is the advantage and flexibility of an own brand.

3. Warranty

We know our products like no other. If a product does not meet your expectations, we will solve it immediately. GorillaGrip's warranty is service for the future.