Nox Nox AT10 Genius
Nox AT10 Genius
Bipolar carbon with a chic look. This is the padelbat which Augustin Tapia uses to play amazing smashes and fast volley's.
€288,00 €224,95
Nox Nox ML10 Pro CUP
Nox ML10 Pro CUP
This padelbat is a classic. The Nox ML10 Pro Cup is the choice of padellegend Miguel Lamperti. It has been on the market for several years but they say: never change a winning team!
€220,00 €187,00
Nox padel bag Lamberti red
Today, red is the color ... of my favorite padel bag. Nice, comfortable and used by icon Miguel Lamperti. Order it today and it will be delivered to you as soon as possible.


Very nice Spanish brand that is already for a longer period on the market and specializes in excellent padelbats. Founded by the Ballve brothers and their company JJ Ballve Sports is based in Barcelona. The padelbats are produced in China.

Throughout the years they ave an excellent eye for coming players. Miguel Lamperti has been their ambassador for many years, and Stupa (Franco Stupaczuk) was part of the Nox family as well, before he went to Starvie. Now Augustin Tapia is the biggest rising star of the World Padel Tour and this youngster plays with the AT10 Genius. 

Nox is also partner of the World Padel Tour and are the official racket. They have proven themselves to produce consistent quality. We also have added the legendary Nox ML10 to the line-up. This padelbat of Lamperti is also very much suited for people with elbow problems as it is very soft and very easy to play with.

Their slogan: "Nox makes you improve".