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What is a ball pressure charger?

Do you play padel, tennis or frontennis? Are you fed up with balls that do not bounce properly when playing a match? If you are, Pascal Box is the solution. We, as active padel players, have experienced the same uncomfortable situations as you have. Balls that do not bounce properly, injuries caused by forced gestures,…

A pressure charger, or ball pressuriser  for padel, tenis and frontennis, is a system designed to recover balls to their regulatory pressure. Maintaining the balls with the adecuate pressure brings also more benefits: it maximises the life-span of the balls, help avoid injuries and protect the environment. Benefits of Pascal Box pressuriser:

1. Avoid injuries. A correct bounce avoid many injuries;

2. Save money. Maximises the life-span of the ball;

3. Respects environment. Less rubber, less contamination.