Starvie Raptor Pro 2020
Raptor Pro 2020
The StarVie Raptor Pro is the official racket of WPT player Franco Stupaczuk with its logo and signature on the magazine.
€300,00 €270,00
Starvie Triton 2020
Triton 2020
Starvie Triton is the new sensation of the Starvie collection. New special shape, with extra grip and extra space for doublehanded players. Handmade in Spain. We are distributor. Best price guarantee. This is the soft version.
€329,00 €296,10
Starvie Starvie Aluminium 2020
Starvie Aluminium 2020
The StarVie Aluminum is designed for all types of players and that stands out for its composition of aluminum and carbon.
€275,00 €247,50
Starvie Starvie Sentinel Carbon
Starvie Sentinel Carbon
One of the new designs in this collection is the StarVie Sentinel Carbon, ideal for medium-level players who want to keep evolving in their game. The 100% carbon composition makes the blade more resistant and durable.
€178,00 €159,00
Starvie Metheora Warrior 2020
Metheora Warrior 2020
The official racket of the professional player Matías Díaz, "The Warrior", with his logo and signature on the magazine, is the newest 2020 addition to the StarVie Premium collection
€375,00 €337,50
Starvie Brava Black Edition 2020
Brava Black Edition 2020
The Starvie Brava Black Edition 2020 has the perfect balance between control and power, as well as an excellent ball output. Extra grip on the ball.
€250,00 €225,00
Starvie Starvie Aquila Pro
Starvie Aquila Pro
The Starvie Aquila Pro offers power and excellent control in every stroke. The teardrop-shaped blade is perfect for the more attacking players. The sweet spot is a bit higher in the racket. That makes the racket less suitable for starting players.
€220,00 €140,00
Starvie Aquila Rocket Pro 2020
Aquila Rocket Pro 2020
The StarVie Rocket is perfect for players who are looking for maximum precision and power in their strokes.
€205,00 €184,50
Starvie Starvie Brava
Starvie Brava
The Starvie Brava is the perfect racket for players who are looking for a combination of power and precision in every stroke. S2 technology increases the durability of the racket. The density of the soft rubber allows the user to give the ball a higher sp
€250,00 €175,00
Starvie Basalto 2020
Basalto 2020
The tear-shaped Basalto Gravity is perfect for players looking for a power-based game without losing control of their hits.
€310,00 €279,00
Starvie Titania Moon 2020
Titania Moon 2020
This racket designed for players who are looking for comfort and precision with every stroke
€190,00 €171,00
Starvie Starvie Turning 2020
Starvie Turning 2020
The StarVie Turning is a racket intended for both the novice and the advanced padel player. The fiberglass composition makes the blade comfortable and gives a good feeling with every stroke.
€90,00 €79,99
Starvie-protector Red
Stevige protector om de zijkanten en bovenkant te beschermen van uw racket
Starvie Starvie Alpha 2.0
Starvie Alpha 2.0
€179,95 €125,00
Starvie Starvie Polaris
Starvie Polaris
The Starvie Polaris is made of 100% carbon, with which the user experiences elasticity and durability than ever before. The racket is made with soft rubber, perfect for players who are looking for more power in their strokes.
€275,00 €175,00
Starvie luxel 2020
The StarVie Luxel is a new design consisting of carbon fiber and fiberglass, perfect for players with an average level looking for an excellent ball and good control and power.
Starvie-protector Yellow
Stevige protector om de zijkanten en bovenkant te beschermen van uw racket
Starvie Starvie Basalto
Starvie Basalto
Excellent padel racket for technical players who are looking for precision and comfort. The racket is unique in terms of the material used, which benefits the performance of the user. Because of the used "BASALTO" the blade has more power and lifespan tha
€320,00 €200,00
Starvie Starvie Alpha
Starvie Alpha
€159,95 €124,95
Starvie-protector Blue
Stevige protector om de zijkanten en bovenkant te beschermen van uw racket
Starvie Gamma
Laatste kans laatste rackets
€119,95 €75,00
Starvie Zeta 2.0
Zeta 2.0
€99,95 €79,99
Starvie Starvie Titania
Starvie Titania
The Starvie Titania is one of the most complete rackets in the collection. The racket is designed to help players improve their game and technique. Due to its comfort and lightness, it ensures a perfect combination between strength and control.
€210,00 €155,00
Starvie StarVie Pocketbag Orange
StarVie Pocketbag Orange
A spacious, large bag for the recreational and competitive padel player. The bag has different compartments, making it easy to store your padel gear, including a separate and ventilated shoe compartment. The bag contains various handles to easily carry yo
€69,90 €69,90

Paddle rackets & accessories from Starvie

When you say padel, you often immediately think of Starvie. Because this premium Spanish sports brand is considered the market leader in padel sport. Starvie was founded in 2002 and not only supplies padel rackets for recreational and competitive players, it is also a premium label for tennis and padel clothing and accessories. Since 2009 it has been part of the Oteador group, which is mainly specialized in setting up large padel projects. For example, this company designs and develops padel courts, sets up padel clubs and special padel schools where prospective padel players are coached. In 2009 Oteador also partnered with Rumbo Sport, an organization that has been providing social and sporting events in Spain since 1994.

Collaboration with top class padel players

Together, these three organizations guarantee a strong brand that broadly supports and stimulates padel sport. In addition, Starvie is an important sponsor for many Spanish and international padel competitions and now sponsors many well-known top class padel players such as Cristian Gutierrez, Matías Días, Carolina Navarro, Fernando Poggi, Cecilia Reiter and Majo and Mapi S. Alayeto. Starvie also develops special padel rackets for these players.

Different types of Starvie rackets

Whether you are just starting out with padel, or are advanced and ready for a special racket to bring more effect into your game, at Starvie you will always find the padel racket that meets your requirements. That is why at Padelshop you have a large choice of Starvie Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced padel rackets, which are also tailored to the type of game you want to play. Starvie also makes special padel rackets for women and juniors.

Handmade in our own factory

At Starvie you are always assured of a top quality product that combines the latest innovations in material and design. Starvie has its own factory in Azuqueca de Henares, in the north of Madrid, where all rackets are made. This is done entirely by hand; from raw material to finished product, it takes more than 10 days to manufacture a racket and then it has undergone more than 20 processing processes. In this way, Starvie produces more than 16,000 rackets per year.

Starvie at Padelshop

At Padelshop you can not only find Starvie padel rackets, but also women's and men's sportswear, padel bags and other padel accessories. We think it is important that you will have a racket in your hands that completely suits your game. If you would like advice about this, you can always contact us on +31 641377079. You can also try out different rackets on our padel courts at La Playa in Rijswijk and on a number of other courts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Just call us to make an appointment, and we will fix the rackets for you.

Tip: do you want to take a look at the StarVie factory?

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