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PascalBox Pascal Box
Pascal Box
Do you notice that your padel balls are no longer playing properly? Then you can do something about it now! With the Pascal Box you keep the pressure in the balls for a longer period of time than in the normal ball sleeves.
€59,95 €49,95
Head Padel Pro S
Padel Pro S
Head Padel Pro S padel ball. The choice of the World Padel Tour. Comes in 2 versions. S (gold) and normal (orange). Highly recommended!
€7,95 €5,95
Head Padel Pro S 24 pieces
Padel Pro S 24 pieces
Head Padel Pro padel ball. The choice of the World Padel Tour. Comes in 2 versions. S (gold) and normal (orange). Highly recommended!
€156,00 €110,00
Bullpadel Bullpadel Premium Pro BOX 24
Bullpadel Premium Pro BOX 24
Box of 24 tins with three padel balls. These padel balls are used by the Madrid padel federation during competitions. Very durable and extremely suitable for padel at low and high level!
€192,00 €96,00
Pro Padel bullpadel
Pro Padel bullpadel
Pressurised PET with 3 specific padel balls.

Exclusive core and premium quality synthetic cloth for outstanding durability.

Faster and with higher rebound than the classic Dunlop Padel ball.

Official Ball of the Mercedes Tennis & Padel Tour 2016.
€7,95 €5,95
Head Padel Pro
Padel Pro
The Head Padel Pro is undoubtedly the most well-known ball in the professional World Padel Tour circuit. It's also a model selected by the players themselves. Not only does it have the trust of the circuit, but also of the Spanish Padel Federation, Portug
€7,95 €5,95
Padel Balls

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Padel balls and padel accessories can be purchased at We currently offer paddle balls from Head (the official padel ball of the World Padel Tour) and Dunlop (the padel ball of the International Padelbond and the Dutch Padelbond). You can also find products from Tubo + here. The easy way to play 3 times longer with your padel balls with good pressure.

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Padel you play with a padel ball. In general, a padel ball is lighter / smaller and has less pressure compared to a tennis ball. That is why a tennis ball is not good for your padel racket. Which padel ball you choose depends on your own choice. The HEAD WPT ball plays a bit faster compared to the Dunlop ball. Both are approved by all international padel federations.

With the Tubo + you can easily store balls under pressure. In a few seconds you have put the inner chamber under pressure, so that the balls can not lose pressure. At our shop in La Playa we have built a pressure gauge on the Tube +, so you can easily see that the pressure is building up. On the Tube + you can see how far you have to run for padel balls and possibly. tennis balls. You can also use them to keep your tennis balls under pressure.

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Padel you prefer to play with new padel balls. We are aware of this at PadelShop. That is why you can also come to us. order balls per box of 24 tubes, so you always have the best quality balls available or eg for a tournament. Buying Padel Balls & Padel Accessories through our webshop is not only advantageous, we also offer you the best service. If you have an item in mind, you will have it quickly via our webshop. Because ordering before 12:00 means that if the product is in stock, we will send it to you the same day!