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We offer a wide range of padel rackets so you can find the padel racket that suits you best. We offer more than ten well-known racket brands. These brands include different types of rackets, ranging from beginner rackets to professionally balanced models designed to help you get the best out of the sport. These brands are Starvie, Black Crown, Wilson, Head, Dunlop, Varlion, Bullpadel, Volt, Cork, Adidas and NOX; sports brands that are popular for their excellent quality standards in terms of material, workmanship and grip. The padel rackets can be selected based on the level, such as beginners, advanced and advanced. We also offer a special selection of padel rackets for women. In addition, the selection can be filtered based on the playing style, that is, rackets that are ideal for defense, attack or a combination of both styles.

Padel racket for beginner, intermediate and advanced players

Are you going to buy a medium, heavy or super light padel racket made of carbon or kevlar? Is it better to choose a round, diamond or teardrop-shaped racket? Should it be a soft padel racket or would you perform better with a harder one? This wide range of models and designs makes it difficult to find a padel racket that fully meets your needs. Not only as a beginner, but also more experienced players want more control over the ball and make a good choice. In general, we can say that beginners are usually better off with a light and round paddle racket. If you have more experience, you may want to get more power with a tear drop intermediate model. Advanced padel players usually prefer paddle rackets that are slightly heavier (360-380 grams) and depending on their playing: in a diamond or raindrop shape, for example. But again: everything depends on your own capabilities. Round shape rackets are also a favorite with many top players such as Carolina Navarro, Matias Diaz, Franco Stupacuk, Federico Chingotto and others.

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A padel racket must be in balance with you as a player and with your playing style. We are fully aware of this at For this reason, is the right place to get personal advice and buy the padel racket that suits you. We also offer the opportunity to test the padel rackets at various locations in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany and at our padel courts (5 indoor!) In Rijswijk La Playa Rijswijk. Do not miss it! Buying in our webshop is not only cheap, but we also offer the best service. Once you have one of the products in mind, you can use our webshop and have it delivered straight to your home. If the order is placed before 4:00 PM, we can send you the product on the same day - as long as it is in stock!

New is that we offer the possibility for our customers abroad to have it sent by express. This allows us to guarantee 1-3 working days delivery time throughout the world.