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Starvie Starvie Turning 2020
Starvie Turning 2020
The StarVie Turning is a racket intended for both the novice and the advanced padel player. The fiberglass composition makes the blade comfortable and gives a good feeling with every stroke.
€90,00 €79,99
Black Crown
Black Crown Piton Air 2020
The Black Crown Piton Air is round in shape and contains AVAIR technology, an anti-vibration system incorporated into the grip of the racket.
Starvie Starvie Alpha 2.0
Starvie Alpha 2.0
€179,95 €125,00
Starvie Zeta 2.0
Zeta 2.0
€99,95 €79,99
Black Crown Piton attack
Black Crown
Piton attack
The Black Crown Piton Attack is the racket for the attacking player who wants to get the most out of his power in his shots. It is a powerhouse, but with a lot of control. Thanks to this good balance you have a strong defense in the back of the field and
€230,00 €174,95
-9% Heart Heart
This racket is the recommendation for the novice player. The balance point is in the middle and has a spacious sweet spot that makes it easy to hit. This high quality racket was developed / designed in collaboration with Black Crown. Our pride!!
€109,95 €99,95
Starvie Starvie Alpha
Starvie Alpha
€159,95 €124,95
Head Evolution
€69,95 €59,95
Black Crown Black Crown Piton 6.0
Black Crown
Black Crown Piton 6.0
The famous Piton in a Titanium version. The frame is double tubular carbon fiber coated with Goma Eva for the widest sweet spot and greater shock resistance.
€279,95 €220,00
Black Crown Black Crown Fox
Black Crown
Black Crown Fox
The Fox is designed for the discerning player looking for control. The round top is a tubular, double carbon frame with the outer core fitted with 2 layers of fiberglass and carbon fiber.
€219,00 €149,95
Black Crown Black Crown Piton 1.0
Black Crown
Black Crown Piton 1.0
The first model from Black Crown that is not part of the collection. A fantastic racket for the avid players. With its round shape, a good control racket with perfect weight distribution. Round shape, medium rubber, sweet spot in the middle of the racket.
€189,95 €159,95