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Starvie Starvie Alpha 2.0
Starvie Alpha 2.0
€179,95 €125,00
Adidas Supernova Woman 1.9
Supernova Woman 1.9
The Supernova Woman 1.9 is made for the advanced players who want to play with a lighter racket, so they can quickly switch from defense to attack. Because of the lighter weight, also popular with men who are looking for a lighter racket.
€159,95 €125,00
Adidas Supernova Carbon Attk 1.9
Supernova Carbon Attk 1.9
The Supernova Carbon Attack 1.9 from Adidas is the perfect balance between power and speed. This racket is suitable for the players who like to attack and want to develop themselves in their game.
€219,95 €157,50
Adidas Adipower Light 1.9
Adipower Light 1.9
This racket was made in collaboration with top WPT player Martita Ortega. The racket is lighter than the other Adipower variants, but does not lose power and control. This racket is therefore widely used by the female players.
€219,95 €157,50
Starvie Starvie Alpha
Starvie Alpha
€159,95 €124,95
Black Crown Black Crown Fox
Black Crown
Black Crown Fox
The Fox is designed for the discerning player looking for control. The round top is a tubular, double carbon frame with the outer core fitted with 2 layers of fiberglass and carbon fiber.
€219,00 €149,95