Adidas padel rackets

Metalbone Youth 2021
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Shine on the court with the new METALBONE YOUTH , Ale Galan's padel racket for the younger players. With its reduced weight and the OCTOGONAL STRUCTURE technology you will maximize the power without losing comfort and manageability.
Adidas padel rackets

Adidas padel rackets & accessories

Adidas has a long tradition in tennis sports and has also focused on padel in recent years. It has even launched a separate label for this; Adidas Padel Rackets. Padel Rackets that combine dynamic design with the latest innovations that provide ultimate grip, ball control and stability are at the heart of the collection. But Adidas also offers padel bags, accessories, clothing and of course special padel shoes.

Long tradition in tennis

The Adidas brand was founded in Germany around 1949 as a sports shoe label. While the shoes were primarily intended to provide comfort and grip to athletes, they quickly became popular among well-known NBA footballers and basketball players. Adidas then focused on the clay court and in 1971 even the name of tennis champion Stan Smith was associated with a newly developed Adidas tennis shoe. In addition to shoes, Adidas also designs and produces sportswear for which it regularly uses well-known designers. With the aim of making athletes deliver ultimate performance, the label also develops sports equipment, such as padel rackets, and releases new series every season.

Innovation in material and design

With progressive material applications and thoughtful designs, Adidas offers enough choice for anyone who wants to improve their padel game. These padel rackets quickly give you the feeling that you can play at a professional level. In addition, Adidas has an eye for the environment and the environment. Not only are the rackets and accessories produced as sustainably as possible, but the use of harmful PVC in all products is also avoided.

The Adidas padel rackets are characterized by the following new technologies:

Exoskeleton: provides additional protection of the shaft and increases its stiffness.

Power embossed: keeps the structure stable at high impact services and smashes

Blade power: extra reinforcement in the center of the racket provides more power.

Curve: special hole pattern that makes the racket easier to handle and offers more playing comfort.

Concentric: the concentrically arranged holes provide increased flexibility from the inside out.

Lineal: the balanced distribution of holes over the surface increases durability.

Hidden holes: the holes hidden in the EVA rubber give the racket more comfort and impact.

Structural power: strengthens the connection between shaft and blade.

Spin blade: special 3D relief that enhances the effectiveness of the stroke.

Structural reinforcement: Reinforced structure around the racket increases torsional resistance.

Adidas padel rackets for professionals and beginners

Those who go for a really high performance racket with high impact power look especially at the Adipower 1.7 and Carbon 1.7 series. These rackets are made of aluminized carbon / carbon and offer high resistance with every stroke. Choose the ATK for offensive play and CTRL to aim the ball with more precision. The Supernova 1.7, for men and women, is lighter and offers an optimal combination of comfort and controlled play. Are you just starting out with padel and looking for a versatile racket? Then choose for example the Drive Evo or go for the Match.

Getting started yourself?

Want to know which Adidas padel racket is suitable for your game? You can always try out all rackets that we offer in our webshop, for example at our indoor Padelcourt La Playa in Rijswijk. Or choose another location in your area. Call for an appointment at +31 618608683, and we will immediately explain the differences between the rackets for you.