Head padel rackets

Head Delta Elite
Delta Elite
€200,00 €139,95
Head Evolution Delta
Evolution Delta
€70,00 €64,95
Head Delta Hybrid
Delta Hybrid
€300,00 €209,95
Head Delta Motion
Delta Motion
€220,00 €162,95
Head Gamma Pro 2021
Gamma Pro 2021
€210,00 €167,95
Head padel rackets

Head padel rackets and padel accessories

Head is a worldwide premium sports label that effortlessly combines the latest innovations in sports with upcoming trends and fashion. In addition to rackets, clothing and accessories for padel sport, it also makes sports equipment for racquetball, squash, tennis, swimming, skiing and snowboarding. It also brings a beautiful line of high-tech sportswear to the market every summer and winter, which is particularly notable for its expert quality and trend-setting designs. In addition to a wide range of sports articles for the recreational athlete, Head is mainly specialized in developing premium and pro products with which competitive athletes can achieve top performances.

International Head padel match players

Head is an important promoter of padel sport. Under the leadership of Mauri Andrini, coach of the British Padel team, it started 'Hello Padel' in 2016, a project to bring padel to the attention of non-Hispanic countries through master classes, training courses and workshops. Head also has a team of top international professional players in the care of Daniel Sanyo Gutierrez and Valeria Pavon from Argentina and Gonzalo Rubio, Eli Amatriain Armas and Alejandra Salazar Bengoechea from Spain. And of course Fernando Belasteguin, now a legend in padel sport and captain of the world classification for the 15th year.

Responsible sports brand

The Austrian company Head has been at the top in sports technology for quite some years now. In recent decades it has received many awards for the revolutionary techniques that it was able to apply in the various sports divisions, such as in ski, tennis and padel sports.

Head is also a forerunner in the field of corporate responsibility within the sports world. Since 2007, it has been participating in the 'Cool Earth' initiative, a global program that aims to reduce CO2 emissions by conserving rainforests worldwide. By participating and investing in this, Head has set itself the task of protecting 28 km2 of forests from tree cutting every year.

Buy head padel rackets and padel balls at Padelshop

Both beginners and advanced can purchase a top quality Head padel racket via Padelshop. These are not only selectable by level, but also by the type of game you prefer to play; do you want to attack a lot or are you more of a defensive player? Head also offers special lightweight rackets that are very suitable for junior players and women. Of course you complete your game with a set of padel balls from Head; the official ball of the World Padel Tour.

Would you like more information about which Head padel racket is most suitable for you, or would you like to try out a number of Head rackets via a demo on one of our padel courts? Please contact us on  +31618608683, we will help you immediately.