Starvie padel rackets

Starvie is made by hand in Spain and is seen by many as one of the best padel brands of the moment. Only use the best materials and innovate every year. The brand of the padel stars.

Raptor 2020 Limited Edition
Starvie Triton 2020
Triton 2020
€330,00 €296,10
Raptor Pro 2020
Starvie Basalto 2020
Basalto 2020
€310,00 €278,95
Starvie Metheora Warrior 2020
Metheora Warrior 2020
€375,00 €337,50
Starvie Aquila Rocket 2020
Aquila Rocket 2020
€205,00 €181,95
Brava Black Edition 2020
Starvie Alpha 2.0
Alpha 2.0
€180,00 €149,95
Starvie Alpha
€160,00 €139,95
Starvie padel rackets

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Starvie is one of the largest and best-known padel racket brands and has become a household name for most padel players. It's not for nothing that many top and not top players play with Starvie. Among the ladies, the Alayeto sisters have been number 1 on the ranking for years and Starvie with Caroloina Navarro, Cecilia Reiter and, among others, Bea Gonzalez are already among the best 16 with six ladies. Among the men, Mati Diaz "The Warrior" and Franco Stupaczuk "The Raptor" iare the highest ranked players.

The 2020 line is received very enthusiastically. Some rackets of the top line have some very nice features: 1) large "sweet spot" making them very forgiving 2) full carbon frame for less vibrations to the arm 3) ingrained top layer with structure, so that there is more grip on the ball and therefore more effect can be given. 4) New mold for the Trion model. Available in both soft and hard (Pro). With extra space of 1 cm for the double handed backhand players.

In the extensive collection of this label you can buy Starvie padel rackets that are specially designed for beginners and you will find models that are suitable for more experienced players. They also offer every choice of professional padel players who are looking for a racket that is precisely tailored to their game and tactics. For example, you can buy Starvie padel rackets designed for more defensive players, order drop-shaped Starvie rackets where the sweet spot is placed a little more at the top of the racket to give more power to the ball, and you can opt for controllable control rackets that are especially manageable be suitable for ladies.

Spanish top brand

This brand has its roots in Spain, the first country in Europe where padel was widely practiced. With over 4.5 million players, the sport has become unprecedentedly popular there, both at a recreational level and within the professional field. The brand therefore knows exactly what both novice and experienced padel players need. Starvie rackets are known for their top quality in choice of materials, strong finish and balanced grip and streamlining. New models are regularly brought onto the market, whereby innovation in ergonomics and optimizing game performance are paramount. The craftsmanship radiates from all the rackets that Starvie makes. The company therefore has complete control over the design and production, which is mainly done by hand, via its own factory in Azuqueca de Henares, just north of Madrid.

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Which Starvie padel racket is suitable for you depends on your wishes, your experience and the way you play padel. If you can use some tips, we are ready to give you personal advice. It is also possible to try a number of rackets without obligation, so that you can first experience the grip, control and effect of the racket yourself. We may offer this at our jobs at La Playa in Rijswijk and at various other locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Not only can you buy Starvie Padel rackets at the best price through PadelShop, we also offer you a fast shipping service; because if you place your order before 3:00 PM today, it will be shipped the same day!