was born as a result of our passion for padel. Thanks to our experience in our physical location in Rijswijk at La Playa we can provide advice to beginner, intermediate and professional players. As a player, you may wish to try out the bats used by professionals, but unfortunately this is often not possible. Also as a beginner you would like to have access to a wide selection of products ranging in price, brand, hardness and balance of the bat.  This means that you would not choose just the cheapest or most popular brand, but rather the bat that best suits your experience, playing style and physical condition. We have been playing padel for years now, which means that we have experience giving advice on padel bats. We have even visited the factories where they are produced to learn as much as possible about them.

In short: we provide personal advice, we offer you the opportunity to test the bats first in more and more locations in the Netherlands and abroad, we match the best price you can find, we offer a wide variety of models, we have direct contact with the providers to shorten the communication lines, we keep our own stock of products, we guarantee a fast delivery of products and... we love padel! You always practise padel in a team. You can’t win any games without a good partner, neither can you enjoy this beautiful sport. Our mission:, your best teammate.


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