How do I choose my new racket?

With more than 300 padel racket suppliers it is sometimes a search to find a needle in a haystack to find the padel racket that suits you best. The ideal racket depends on a number of things:

Do you play on the left or right side?

Are you left or right handed?

Do you have injuries? (tennis arm, shoulder problems?)

Do you have experience in a different racket sport? eg Tennis?

Do you already have padel experience?

What do you miss in your current padel racket?

Do you have a budget?

Do you play at higher or lower temperatures?

What kind of player are you? (offensive, defensive)

The fact is that there is a lot of incorrect information on the internet. One of the big misunderstandings is that round padel rackets are for beginners. Round rackets are easier to play with (balance, large "sweet spot" in the middle) but if even the best players in the world play with a round racket, you can no longer say that this is for beginners.

We offer customized advice and have helped hundreds of enthusiastic players over the years. In addition, we are expanding our knowledge every day by playing a lot with the rackets and asking the makers of rackets everything they have used and why.

Our advice: do not choose color, price (discount) or brand, but get advice for the right weight, material (full carbon or with fiberglass), balance, stiffness of frame, shape, grip size, hard, soft or medium inner foam. . Of course you can visit La Playa in Rijswijk to test more than 80 different rackets yourself.

Why choose for

We are also distributor of several brands like: Starvie, Bullpadel, Black Crown, Volt, Varlion. Why would this help? In case of problems we have direct contact with the manufacturer. Shorter line of communication and better knowledge of the product. We are sure this will help you too. Did we already mention we love to give you personal advice to make you play with the best padelbat that suits your game without getting injured?

We are ready to help you further in this fantastic sport. 



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